Terms and conditions

Terms description
During this regulation use, the individual Ciupitu Marius Eugen will be called by the word "owner" or "manager" (administrator) and the term "portal" refers to the site yplaylist.com.
User defines all individuals and / or legal persons who access the portal, regardless of the reason they do it. Terms are used to designate this contract use.
Terms and conditions
The terms and conditions of these services may change at any time by the owner, without prior the notice to users. Terms and conditions in effect are displayed on the site twoglassesofwater.com. If the user does not agree the terms and conditions, it must immediately cease using the services offered by portal.
The manager (administrator) reserves the right to block users who violate the rules of regulation use or legislation. Also, the manager (administrator) reserves the right to remove abusive or Illegal information published on the portal by users.
Registration obligations
The user has the obligation to provide accurate and complete information about him when completes the registration form to create a member account on the portal. If there is any doubt that those information are not real, the administrator reserves the right to restrict user access to services on the portal.
The restriction access may mean the deleting of your account and of all information which it contains, the deleting of the defined options and the denial of access to all services.
Also, the user assumes full civil and criminal liability for the information that he transmited or published on the portal. The owner hasn’t and can’t have no legal responsibility to the information posted or transmitted on the Internet by portal users.
Member Account, Password and Data Security
fter completing the registration form, the user will receive a unique account and password chosen to use the services. The user is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account name (email address) and associated password. Also, the user is entirely responsible for all activities and information that are transmitted from the account who has been allocated. In case of unauthorized access to your account by third parties, for any reason, the owner assumes no responsibility for any consequences.
User must notify the administrator of the portal as soon as he founded or suspected any unauthorized use of his account or the owner has taken all the steps that are available to ensure the security of portal and of all information on it. However, the security portal can’t be guaranteed, so that the owner assumes no responsibility on this regard.
Users obligations
The user is responsible for his own actions and the consequences that he may have, following the publication of materials that he upload and making available publicly on the account offered by owner. The user undertakes:
  • To not upload, post, distribute or transmit any content for which has not a legal right to transmit or broadcast under any condition, any legal system, or due to contractual relationships or reliable as confidential information, those covered by intellectual property rights, learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under the confidentiality agreements;
  • To not publish copyrighted materials, if is not the author or if he do not has the permission to publish that material;
  • To not publish obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious materials to another user, individual or legal persons;
  • To not publish content explicit sexual or sexual connotation;
  • To not publish material that contains viruses, worms, trojans or any other software with the intention to alter, distroy or affect in any way, information or informatics systems;
  • To not promote or deliver information that encourages the violation of law or morality; Owner may require to his users to any point, certain usage rules for any of his services.
By placing a material in any public or private segment on the site, you guarantee to owner the continuous right, irrevocable (including moral rights) and the license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute or communicate publicly the content (entirely or partly) to international scale and to incorporate it on others works in any form, on media, on known technology or expected to develop in the future.
Also allow anyone who is subscribed to access, view, store or reproduce such material for personal purposes. According to those mentioned above, the owner of such material published on the website retains any rights that may derive from here.
Intellectual Property Rights
Articles are subject to the terms and conditions of the sites present in the source.
Obligations and liability of the owner and the administrator
The Portal and the associated services are available with the appearance, structure and content decided by the owner. The users can make suggestions for the improvement of the portal and services, but the owner is not required to take into account these suggestions.
The owner assumes no liability if certain information is provided late, are lost, deleted or can not be stored on the server for any reason. Also, the owner assumes no any liability for damages that may occur due to the delay, loss or inaccuracy of information published or available on the portal.
Users will use the information available on its own portal liability, and the owner can not be held responsible for damage caused by use or non-use by the user of the information on the portal.
Owner does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information posted by users and does not guarantee in any way opinions expressed by users.
Owner assumes no responsibility if services can not be accessed by users on an unlimited period of time, for any technical or commercial reasons.
Because the users identification on the Internet is difficult, the owner does not confirm that each user is what they claims to be. In event of a dispute between users, the owner is absolved of any liability or direct or indirect compensation, of any kind and any nature, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or not, arising in any way connected with such disputes.
Because the information published by users on the portal can be inaccurate, or may affect moral behavior or a person, the owner has no legal obligation to verify these information, not granting the truthfulness, accuracy or completeness of morality to the information.
Owner assumes no responsibility if services its can not be accessed by users on an unlimited period of time, any technical or commercial reasons, if the deletion, loss or inability to store information from any technical reasons that may occur from internal or external causes.
Owner provides no guarantee to the users on availability of services provided by the portal, correctness of published information or security services.
The owner reserves the right to modify the portal (in any form, appearance or function) without notice the users.
Owner assumes no responsibility for users feedback about the quality of various services, products and/ or any other feedback posted on this website, in connection with various entities with or without legal personality, that runs these activities, to the extent that the users posts are not on any of the situations set out in the User's obligations.